Self Storage by the Box

Delivered to your Door.

We have redefined self storage for the modern urban world. No more schlepping to the outer suburbs to store away or retrieve your belongings; no more paying for space that you don’t need. With Box It! you only pay for what you need, and we deliver to your door.

How the service works

We Deliver

To your door, at your convenience for FREE.

You Pack

Take your time, pack at your own pace – we give you up to a week.

We Collect & Store

When you’re ready we collect your filled boxes.

We Return

When you need something we can drop it back within 24 hours.

Simple As Pricing

Only pay for what you need. MUCH more cost effective than self storage.

Oversized Items
Safe, secure and insured storage
Items kept in large secure crates
$15 +$3 per item to get your belongings back
Three month minimum contract
Fast turn around for deliveries (M-F)
Business grade security with complimentary insurance
Just want to move (No storage)?
FREE Delivery & Collection
Handy Packs for any size move
20 Boxes Minimum Order

Meet our Boxes

Our plastic tote boxes are super high quality. You might say they are Totes Amazing!

Super Strong

To make sure it doesn’t break.


To make sure that your
belongings are safe and sound.

Impact Resistant

Light Weight, but incredibly durable.

Water Resistant

Our boxes wont get soggy

and break apart!.

Security & Insurance

Business grade security for your belongings

Our facility is also used for commercial storage, which means that your precious goods are in very good company.
We offer business grade security and safety features – a major piont of difference.

  • Tier 1 Secure facility with restricted access control
  • 24/7 CCTV / Alarm Monitored
  • Fully Sprinklered and fire monitored
  • Unique Security Seals on each Box to ensure tampering security
  • All boxes tracked via barcode
  • Complimentary insurance for your belongings of up to $150 per BoxIt Box


To and from your door, storage for the cloud age

  • We deliver you empty boxes free of charge
  • You pack your boxes and apply our tamper seals
  • We collect and securely store your boxes & items, from $8.95 per month
  • When you need something back, we deliver it to you within 24 hours
  • Much more cost effective and convenient than self storage
  • Manage your boxes online requesting them when you need them


Storage for any and everybody

You don't need to be a somebody to have your items stored securely. See what people who have stored with BoxIt! have to say:

“Now my kids are growing up I can’t bring myself to part with there baby clothes. I love how I didn’t have to pay for wasted space. I just stored what I needed, and only paid for that!”

Busy Mum

“I’ve just gone overseas for 6 months to play poker and my parents couldnt look after my things. Luckily I found BoxIt, and will have my things back safe and sound after my trip overseas.”

Amateur Poker Player

“We moved houses recently, and it was a huge relief to be able to get started a month in advance. We decluttered and stored unneeded items. Plus, the BoxIt! boxes are just awesome for moving!”

Young Professional