Pricing & Delivery

Melbourne's most cost effective and simple self storage.

The BoxIT Box

The original and the best

73 litres of storage

That's up to 20 pairs of shoes, 18 pairs of jeans of 73 litres of unpasteurised milk if you want to be weird. (we can't store milk)

Strong AF

BoxIT boxes are built to withstand A LOT! So rest easy knowing your faberge egg will return to you in one piece.

Tamper Proof Seals

You lock your box and it stays locked until you open it again. Your prized collection of spoons are safe with us.

Large Item Storage

Pay by the item

Don't Pay for Wasted Space

Pay to store the item, not where it's stored. Unlike conventional self storage where you have to hire a whole space, BoxIt lets you store just one item.

Easy Access

Door to door service. Forget about hiring a van, BoxIT does all the work! We'll pick up your items and deliver them to you when you want them back.

Insured & Safe

Every item stored with BoxIT receives complimentary insurance, up to$150 per item / box against theft, loss or damage while the boxes are in our custody.

Delivery & accesing your stuff

BoxIT Really Delivers

We charge a range of delivery and handling fees based on the service your require.

We can deliver to all Melbourne metro areas and even some outer suburbs too!

If you're unsure if we can deliver to you, get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do!

Initial Delivery & Pickup

Delivery of your empty boxes is FREE!
For pickup you are charged a $19.95 pickup fee per order and $5.95 handling fee per item

End of Storage Delivery

When you end your storage, you will be charged a $19.95 delivery fee plus a $5.95 handling fee per item.

Missed Delivery

If you miss a delivery and haven't given us at least 24 hours notice, we will be in touch to arrange an alternative delivery which incurs an additional $19.95 delivery fee.

Delivery Hours

We offer delivery and pickup Monday-Friday between 10am-4pm.
You choose a timeslot when signing up.
For weekend and holiday deliveries, see After Hours delivery details

Out of Hours Delivery

For deliveries that occur outside our delivery hours between 4pm-10am or on weekends and public holidays, there is an additional $175 fee per delivery.
We require at least 3 days notice by calling 1300 859 447

Urgent Delivery

If you require your boxes urgently, we are able to get your boxes to you within a 3 hour timeframe.
There is an additional $75 fee for this service on top of the normal delivery fees