How to BoxIT!

Save space and money in 4 easy steps.

We deliver

Everything you need to get going

When it’s time to pack your stuff, we really deliver!

BoxIT offers a unique door-to-door service where we hand deliver our sturdy blue boxes to your door.

Each of our boxes comes with tamper proof security tags and are barcoded to ensure you know which box contains what.

You Pack

Take all the time you need

You get to select how long you need to pack when you sign up. Monthly storage fees start from the day we deliver your empty boxes.

Take your time, most of our customers take about 7 days to pack their boxes, but it varies on each order.

Once you’re done, apply the tamper proof seals and get ready for our team to collect your stuff.

If you didn’t use all of our boxes, we’ll pick them up and refund the storage fee for each unused item.

We Pickup & Store

And we return!

Our team will come to you when it’s convenient to pickup your boxes and items. That’s the hard part all done for you.

Put your feet up and enjoy the space while we securely store your boxes at our commercially certified storage facility.

When you want to have your items returned, simply lodge a request through your online account. All your things will be delivered straight to your door!

You Save!

Save space AND money!

With prices as low as $9.95 a month, BoxIT is the best value self storage option in Melbourne.

  • Delivery of your empty boxes is free.
  • With BoxIT you only pay a monthly storage fee for the items you actually store, not for the space you hire.
  • We refund your storage fee for any unused boxes or items.
  • No need to hire a truck or a van, we do all the pickup and delivery work.

See how much you could save when you just BoxIT!