Best Way to Store Your Christmas Decorations

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You have just thrown out the smelly Christmas leftovers and can now breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over.

Next job, taking down all the Christmas decorations.

It’s always much more fun putting up the Christmas decorations than taking them down – but this step is a crucial one to make sure your decorations are in top shape for next year!

Here at BoxIT, a lot of our customers store their Christmas decorations with us safely and securely in our boxes until they need it next year. Click here to see how BoxIT boxes might work well to store your Christmas decorations.

Before you go and store your Christmas decorations, we suggest thinking about the following things:

Use clear resealable bags

It’s a great feeling in December when you open the decorations box, and everything is in order and labelled. If only we all did this! We suggest using zip lock bags from the kitchen to group ornaments by type – it means you can visually see what’s inside and it keeps them in order ready to put up next year.

You can sort by colour, size or however works best for you, then store them in a handy blue BoxIT box!

Wrap your tree

Most people in Melbourne have an artificial tree, and if not stored correctly can get dusty in the time they lay around. We recommend wrapping the tree up nice and snug when you’re ready to store it. If you choose to store it with us, we’ll store the tree fully wrapped in our warehouse.

If you’re keen to be that bit more fancy, you can also buy a Christmas tree storage bag from retailers during the Christmas period.

Wrap lights around cardboard

It can be frustrating trying to untangle the Christmas lights each and every year, and risks you breaking one of two globes making the whole set no longer functional. Try wrapping your lights around pieces of disposable cardboard before putting them in storage it will be easy to unwrap them next time.

Don’t let ornaments get crushed

Another option is to utilize unused plastic cups or small boxes to store your ornaments. Sticking the cups to a piece of cardboard means the cups won’t move around and will stay secure/

Store your items in storage

Do you have enough space to store your Christmas decorations? Why not let BoxIT take care of your Christmas decorations throughout the year in our sturdy blue boxes and we’ll deliver them to you when you need them next year!

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