Renting and Running Out of Space?

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You’ve just moved into a new place, it’s a share house and all that you can say is yours is a small bedroom where the bed takes up almost half the room, a shelf in the bathroom, a section in the fridge and a bit of space for your stuff in the kitchen. But what about the rest of your stuff? You’ve got so many pairs of shoes, all your old uni books and a mountain of clothes.

You’ve got to be smart in the way you store your things to maximise the space, without having to throw everything away or sell online.

Be Creative With Your Storage

Head down to your local furniture or housewares shop and invest in some good storage equipment. Some quick ideas which may also help include:

  • Utilising that space under the bed – get boxes and fill them with items you don’t need right now. Things like shoes you wear every now and then, or next seasons clothing. Don’t forget to make sure you put in some form of dampness eradicator to make sure if your room is a bit damp your items won’t get mouldy!
  • Use those Uni textbooks as a shelf – yes you read that correctly. Go a find a nice plank of wood and use your textbooks and other books as a way to hold the wood up – a DIY shelf. Lovely!
  • Find a bookcase and use it as a bed headboard – it’ll look pretty cool, and give you easy access to items you might need and provide ample storage for you.
  • Some rooms come equipped with built-in-robes. Place your essential items in there, making sure you use every last centimetre of space! If you don’t have any storage, investing in some may be a good idea – flat-pack furniture is cheap and easy to put together.
  • Hooks – everywhere! In most cases landlords don’t mind that you put those removable hooks on the wall – it means you can store things like coats and other items on your walls and behind walls giving you ample space in your cupboards and you won’t leave a trace when you have to move.

Get rid of your stuff!

Do you really need all those pairs of shoes? A great way to give yourself some more space is to sell or donate your items, you would be surprised how many items you might be able to sell online.

Put your stuff into storage

Of course we’re going to suggest this one, but think about all the items you could put into storage. You’ll be able to have access to the boxes at anytime by requesting a box be delivered to you or letting us know you’ll be stopping by to get into a box.

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