Tips for when it’s time to sell your cluttered home

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Appearance is critical in real estate sales. It’s totally normal when living in your house to accumulate lots of stuff. It’s super easy with all the space to find something to fill it! But, this stuff can get in the way when it comes to selling your house. While sometimes considered fake, buyers want to see a nice and clean home, and by de-cluttering your home it means potential buyers can see the full potential of the property, and could also see them willing to pay more. It’s vital to de-clutter that home before you open your doors for inspections!

Australian’s are known to be serial hoarders, and is an issue real estate agents frequently find. Make sure you’re prepared before your agent gives you a slight nudge in the right direction.

Luckily there are solutions to make your home look its best, and potentially get you a little more bang for your buck – and the investment you make on the presentation of your home will really pay off!

15 tips to de-clutter your house:

  1. Furniture is a big one – literally! Minimise the amount of furniture in and around each room – it will make it seem bigger and more welcoming.
  2. Ensure those spaces where there is higher traffic are kept clear. In an inspection you don’t want everyone feeling claustrophobic just by walking in your door!
  3. Move things that don’t belong in a room – exercise equipment in a loungeroom or a couch in the bedroom just doesn’t make sense.
  4. Go through your cupboards, donate items you wont need (which will help with your overall move) and put items for next season into storage. It will give you more space to show off the space!
  5. Don’t clutter your bench space! The bare essentials should be the only things kept on the kitchen bench and in the bathroom. Put that toaster in the cupboard where it belongs!
  6. We love plants, but the ugly ones don’t sell. Ask  friend to look after them while you’re selling your home and welcome the unsightly plant into your new home when you’re ready!
  7. Yes photos of your kids and dogs are cute, but we’d suggest limiting the amount out on display and putting away excess things and photos.
  8. Rubbish like old magazines and newspapers – just get rid of them!
  9. That bookcase you haven’t touched in months – give it a good clean and arrange the books neatly. You’ll be surprised how good it looks!
  10. Wires and cables are an unsightly look, hide those little things away!
  11. What you have 100 pairs of shoes!? Time to put some into storage so they’re not lying around in your hallway or other rooms.
  12. Ensure before any inspection you’ve done the washing and made the beds. Dirty washing should be hidden away from the world and non-existent!
  13. If you have a deck or patio de-clutter it and keep only essentials out there
  14. The carport/garage is important – don’t just hide everything in there! Remove everything that’s not a necessity!
  15. Your garden needs a good de-cluttering too. Yep, those gnomes were cute 10 years ago, but they’ve faded since and need to go. Presentation is key!

So what do you do with all the excess stuff you need to clear out of your house for a few months?

One of our best pieces of advice is to put you cluttered items into storage. It’s worth the investment, as it will yield a considerable increase in the sale of your house if it’s de-cluttered.

Here at BoxIT! we have options available for you to de-clutter your home, we’ll bring our super tough and secure boxes to your home, you pack them and we’ll pick them up and store until you need them back. We also store larger items like that extra couch or treadmill that’s gathering dust in your lounge room. All starting from just $8.95 per box per month!

Get in touch if you’re keen to get some boxes, or place your order now!


rani · May 2, 2019 at 2:18 pm

what is the tips sell your cluttered home?

    boxit · June 28, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Hey Rani, all the tips are listed in this post, and remember if you need to declutter your home we think our BoxIT boxes will do just the trick!

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